I saw Orion’s Belt tonite – April 11


I saw Orion’s Belt tonite and then the Dipper,

clear and aiming, reminding me of when,

as a young scout and not knowing, I first stared

lostly into that crisp black crystal-spotted sky

that leapt into my heart.


I was young in the ways of the world, looking

for guidance of others who might know.

A father’s hand seemed so distant then,

that in the cold clear night I wanted

desperately to see and understand the

soul stories written high.


The Boss shared with me his reaching

up and out through them. The sky

was dark and lovely and full, and I nodded

as if I understood and said thank you. A heart

open enough to know a gift was being offered.


I saw Orion’s belt again tonite. I said thank you.


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