Lights flashing in the night- February 21

Lights flashing in the night,

Two cars stopped

Going opposite ways

And a policeman



He looks safe.

I worry for him

That those he has stopped

will do him harm;


Only because he has

Chosen to stand

Between the darkness

and the light.


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buttocks in yoga pants – February 20


buttocks in yoga pants

designed to display

the most curvaceous



or not.


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she slid under the water – February 19


she slid under

the water,

one last hit

bringing a blink

into which

the family bath



along with the

smile and pain

and any semblance

within this life

that a friend

or mom

or dad or


could ever touch



it’s what prayer

is for

that there will be


time and place

for the touchings

of love

to begin again.


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snake oil saleswoman – February 18


snake oil saleswoman

on the line

if you change that

data point you’ll pay

more for the yada

but less

for the hoo-hah


absolutely. sell me


or not. wait let me…

no, offer only good

‘till third minutes

after a felled

oxen crawls into

our post office.


what was that

hold it. my mind has

just wandered back


to the back of

the…. back of…



can I call you back.




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taking a moment – February 16


taking a moment

to write

stop pause and


to the day.


to let flow out

what entered



the cat walking by

to sniff and sneeze

the dog raising

at his name


footfalls careful

along an

icy woodland path

and smiles at church

of mutual belief.


bridget jones and

dark chocolate

something savory

from the fridge


and most of all

my love

across the room.


I look at her there

every moment



and pray for just

one more day

gives thanks

for every moment


because eternity



so long.


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days in between – February 11

You’ll find that some days I don’t post, not because I’m not writing… I do something in fact virtually every day. But some are for other publication or presentation work, and some are poems I want to step back from and reflect on for a day or two or three, while others… well others are sometimes things that feel like online is not the right place. Choices in the writing life.



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present to the moment – February 10


stretched body

lifts sternum

to heart height


downward dog

swooping arch

raises to above.


pillow block


scanning for

the sensate


present to

the moment.


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