come Lord Jesus – May 3


so much scrambling

day to day to night

to day to fill, to foil,

to find or forget


I call to you for

quiet, or rest, or

something, anything

to calm

the panic hustle

hassle of my



our hearts will

find no rest until they 

find their rest in thee.


but will I have to wait

only for the beyond

or is that a giftie

for now.


come Lord Jesus.

I could use

the giftie now.


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new muskrat house – April 30


new muskrat house

today marsh weed

neatly strewn.




rental ducks have moved

out, only parentals

top the mounds

where eggs



waiting for their time

while the muskrats

find new spots

to call their


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the pond is still today – April 29


the pond is still today

a lone mallard male

sitting atop the muskrat

house doing his part

to keep the egg warm


cool, clear waters devoid

now of the quackers

and quakers who

paddled so furiously

just days ago.


natures have made

their choices and the

mating grounds lie

fallow in the early

spring sun.


well done,


for another

round of life



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paisley park – April 26


the white factory buildings

surprise. we were expecting

funky funny for the music



instead there is burnished

modern gleam of white

for turning out turnings

as if coils of steel

looping from the cutting

machines of tool and

die makers.


perhaps that is what

he was.


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niblets are out – April 25


niblets are out,

trees surround

the pond, sprigs of

dusting green


vitality, life,

squeakings and

croakings, blats

quacks, honks

and hisses


this my lady love

this my mate

all of our breathing

come to this.


creation, creation

so beautiful here.


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yard work – April 24


dirt pours

through my fingers,

rock set free,

ground and worn


down fine

to let out the

life hidden



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lanyap – April 22


lanyap, grace, friends

appear out of

time gone by

and forward


we drop in to each

other’s lives, over the

transoms of time and place

gifts of the One.


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