a room that hints – July 3


Jesus you are a mystery

to me, entering and

exiting through magic

walls while I watch

from a room that hints

without revealing.


Stop and talk with me

Jesus, that I might

see your face directly

and unafraid.


excuse me Lord

I did not understand.

for now, through a

glass darkly

will be just fine.


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July 2 – soul waiting

7.2.2017 [soul waiting]

squirrels, bullfrogs, an
owl drops by, savoring
the detritus of deep
suburban life

and quiet. more quiet
than we are used to
with the sound turned
off and the phone out of

brother elswyn sat
for hours considering,
opening, breathing in
his being alive and
a soul.

I can hear the water
lapping nearby, and
chirrup chirrips,
a fluttered peck
as something
moves in for seed.

perhaps I am a soul
too. needing to
sit and let see.

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longest day – June 21

6.21.2017 [longest day]

longest day of the year
so early that the cat
stomps across our
stomachs mewing
time for feeding me

but we see it as the step
back towards

the days get shorter
from here.

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wrinkly butts – June 20

6.20.2017 [wrinkly butts]

we all have wrinkled butts now
sags, lines, cleavages
where we lost weight
after our skin tone
stopped bouncing back

a sign of grace though,
that when our butts
were fat and bulgy
we paid attention
and cared for our

so I’ll take it to the
bank, wrinkly butt
and all.

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in abstensia – June 18

6.18.2017 [in abstensia]

I didn’t listen to my
dad, angry ashamed
I wanted nothing to
do with him
even at the end

with years the distance
lessens now
aware that maybe
he didn’t know how
nor did I

and maybe just maybe
he was part of why I
changed. and my grown
children talk with me.

thank you dad
in abstensia.


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weeds – June 12

6.12.2017 [weeds]

little green shoots that
don’t belong

in the garden we pluck,
pull, cast them out

not what was planted
chosen, hoped for
just existing because they
were born to do that.

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I ran from my dream – May 30


I ran from my dream

frightened and denying

the images of

my mortality


body withering

skinnier each day

the muscles outlined

and my lover aware,


that I thought I would

have more time,

twenty more

plenty enough more.


until I realized that

it was a gift from

the One, a reminder.

that each day


is a one time gift

and the count is

not to be known

before it comes


health, wealth

attempts, workings

will all fall away

in that moment.


so to wake each day

take each day

for what it is

and can be


is a step closer

and further

towards the arc

of my soul, and the One.


(with a thank you to St. Benedict)

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