old shoe – June 19



the old shoe tells its tale

worn, inside and out,

fabric solid and comfortable

a friend in need that has

molded to its wearer.


replacements compare,

but none quite so kind.


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irish quilt – June 20


the irish quilt,

green and ruddy

gold pastiche,

pulls me in.


earth born, air

sent, solid weaving

of an ancient spell

sings to me

blesses us


above, above, our

marriage bed.


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root forgiveness – June 14


I asked the root family

for forgiveness this morning,

the one’s that I dove deep

into, trailing every last noodle

to their safe places beneath

rocks and ripping them

out from probably years

of spreading. My back

went out shortly after

going back a third time,

as if my viciousness went

beyond reasonable for

the sake of having flowers

to grow and as if weeds

didn’t have any place in the

world at all in my plant



Balance is what nature asks

not desolation. mutual respect

and room perhaps for all to

find a place,


I asked their forgiveness, and

release from any curse upon

me, the curse that used up my

back muscles in their overstraining.


it took conscious thought to not pluck out

the little sparse green flakes that

had re-emerged.


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this year’s crop – May 23


kholrabi, romaine, romas

and peppers, zucchini and

cucumbers all for to



for wonder and pleasure,

of course for some eating,

as much for the joy

of abundance that’s there


some things feel joyous

just so for their doing

some things say life

in their just being here


life for the watching

joy for the seeing

thanks for the gifting

of all that is here.


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so much for eden – April 28


flat calm pond, mated

swans and canadian geese

paddling near one



bufflehead ducks dabbling

around the edges

and new muskrat

buildings rise


calm, calming, serene.


two new geese

soar in beautifully o’er

the tree surround

honking their inflow


and the scene explodes,

pair number one

bursting across,

flailing at the water

to scream the territorial



OURS. you be gone.

you leave.


so much for eden.

we should have known

from the coyote scat

along the path.


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melting melting – April 17


melting, melting, winter

melting except

that it’s a month too late

and the birds who snuck

north now cluster around

feeders like mother’s teats

lest the chill take them



sun like august, ground for

february, dateline april

all unwound.


when we walked out to

get the car it slid out

from under us, feet

moving in all directions

from where we trod;


I watched a bird peck

at whatever it could find

on the porch, anything that

even made believe that it wasn’t



I think I’ll just wait

and see if sanity returns

before I do.


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word turns – March 3


the words took a left turn

on me today, my brain

seeing them but not



what does that one mean

when do I take it,

pills, pills, the grouping

that grows


as one thing then

another goes twink

and we get another



lying there my mind

seizes up. which is

which; I can read



but not understand

the order that they

follow. these two

then those two


or was it those other

two, or this and that

combination, oh



dear Lord, maybe this

is a foretaste of how

it might be when

when, when….

or soon, or now, or..


I’m not ready.

but then

we never are.


for all our lives

we must trust

le bonne Dieu.


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missing the box – March 26


Old cat Rosie

is missing the box

piddles on the floor

poops on the carpet.


Catzeimer’s, the vet

says, her skinnier

everyday body

letting go.


Honor thy father

and mother we’ve

been told, so that

our days may be long


So that we are not put down

or out when we too

have forgotten

where to aim.


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the angels have come back – March 22


the angels have come back

although they hadn’t

really gone


just out of my mind

until I needed to get

close, and the divine


felt so far away, and

then they were there.




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squirrel footprints – March 19


squirrel footprints up the creek

the snow melting melting

away the witches

of winter.


soon baby Jesus and the Wises

will be risen up out of

their frozenness,

just in time

for Easter.


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