Good Friday — the road not yet taken April 19, 2019

4.19. 2019 Good Friday…[ the road not yet taken]

through the years I know I’ve tried

to understand God and conceptualize

to comprehend and  follow

and try to get to know him

to make my choice to be his man

to believe in, trust, obey

and perceive him as I can


to talk with, thank him, pray

and request him

to feel the presence, the

absence, the unknowness


to ask for forgiveness, to express

my sorry, to appreciate and

pray yet again for tomorrow.


at seventy six, on a good Good Friday

I’ve find I’ve struck a nerve of an untried highway

at seventy six well down my road

I realize that I’ve missed a goad


the only one that the Words actually tell

as the path to run. to know more well;


to love him, is the road I’ve missed.

Not to ask or bleed or run or resist

but to love him

that ‘till now I’ve missed


so far that is. but today’s the day

to give that kiss

and start upon our common way.


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