Insert tab A in slot B – April 13


Insert tab A in slot B. I put

together a filing cabinet today.

Do not use power tools, they

may damage the wood. Follow

the fifteen pictured pages. Place

screw couplings 8 into side H.


It is ever so much more pleasant

than taking apart the kitchen drawers

which come with no diagram. Just

tear out a piece of your heart and

throw it away. Do not use reminiscing

it may damage the moment.


Complications dissolve when you follow

the plan. It all works out to the builded thing

in the picture. Discard excess packing materials

in a secure container. Emptying the cupboards

has no plan. Find a box, and put it in a fox. If

it snaps, shut it off.


I shall move more things tomorrow. Do not

lift with your back, bend the knees.

I shall ask for help. Remember your age

you are not as young as you once were.

Directions. Plans. The contractor has them.

It would be nice if life was clearer.



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1 Response to Insert tab A in slot B – April 13

  1. Matt says:

    I love this one.

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