water over the dam – May 25

5.25  [on the eve of an 18th birthday]

The flow trudging over the falls

has turned brown muddy gold. Days

of heavy rain in remission have

ribbed up the bottom places.


My son will turn a corner in

the morning, and bottom places

have risen within me as well.


I didn’t know it would go this fast,

I cried, seeing my classmates

start retirements. It feels the same

as this last one moves out.


The hard flow suddenly ebbs, water

through the sluices shuts down to

a channelled, domesticated straight.

canal. Water over the dam indeed.




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2 Responses to water over the dam – May 25

  1. bussokuseki says:

    Powerful. My children are young, but I write about this same feeling, which I can only assume to be universal. Thank you for this – be well~

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