subduing nature – June 24


walking around the block again, dog

at my side, with a plastic baggie for

when he decides to let nature take

its course on someone’s lawn. We

all live in proximity that no longer

allows for nature to do natural

functions. Dogs bark and poop

thereby annoying someone or other.


What did we think when we moved to

the burbs, but that life would be perfecto

and unnatural nature would bloom

without deer or ducks or other fauna

doing anything near them that chemicals

couldn’t emasculate.


Subduing nature seems more than

biblical nowadays. More like an insatiable

beast of its own that doesn’t want to deal

with the nudgings and burpings of the

world as it is. So I bend over and pick

up the poopy puppy droppings in the

left over plastic baggie from yesterday’s

newspaper. And when nobody is looking,

I’ll empty it in the woods.

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