conversation – January 23


why did you have to make

the world so hard, why do

the birds have to shiver in

the branches, huddled and

diving in for seeds at the

feeder while i sit inside

admiring their colors


did you send us along to

figure it out and put out the

food for them, or were they

simply put here as the food

for us.


the questions feel stupid. like

Job asking only to get an

and where were you when

I created all this. and if I thought

I could do better I should give

it a shot.


or the presumption that that is

what we are doing with all

our preening and advancing

even while we roil back into

ancient Romans in our



it is what it is and we flow

together. limited, mortal,

yet magical. every bit of

us. I just cry at the pain

but joy at the beauty, all

of a one. sorry for pushing.

or then again, asking is what

you set us up to do.



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