hi mom – February 4


hi mom. I brought you this

nice man, and this book I

wrote about the strong

women of the  bible.


you taught me all this,

praying on your knees

each day, breathing through

your pain to help me


helping others and being

someone who held us all

when all the hard things

or your life hit.


I know you are there, in

that stained glass window.

your name is on it. from

your loving friends and family


to the glory of God.


I feel you here mom, I felt

you the day I knelt before

an altar and had hands laid

on me.


I feel you now in my sons

and the plates and cups

and teapots that have

passed down.


I feel you in the love I share

with this man who says hi

too and thank you for your

gift of me.


I feel you, miss you, every day,

until I can see you

again to say


hi mom.


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