LentPrayer13 – March 17

Lent Prayer 13   (in honor of Patrick)

if it is at all possible

let this cup pass


is the prayer of many

as we face challenges


that are opportunities

but that terrorize.


are we able, will we

fail, what if, what if


the hold backs that

eat at our hearts.


be with us to guide us

to hold and abide us.


our souls find their


in thee.




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2 Responses to LentPrayer13 – March 17

  1. pomnal says:

    this is lovely… That first line sums up how I’ve been feeling lately – it is so good to know that I am not the only one who shies away sometimes. Indeed, even Jesus asked for the burden to be taken from him, if it was God’s will.

    • landl30 says:

      Thanks for your note. Yes, that anxiety is one I’ve bumped into on a number of occasions… and it’s a bit like the Alcohlics Anonymous Prayer…. having the courage to change what you can, the strength to put up with what you can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference… It’s the wisdom to know the difference between what’s a message that we really WOULD be in over our heads… and just our anxiety, when in fact we could pull it off.

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