a glimpse of heaven – May 3, guest

Want to catch a glimpse of heaven?

Gaze into the eyes of a child.

A glimpse revealed in nursing babe, in curious gaze,
in toddling explorations;
earthworms in the garden, snowflakes on the tongue.

Wondrous, liquid lenses gathering in the Glory of
a boundless, generous universe,
miraculous meanderings;
an opening bud, a buzzing gnat,
the whiskered nose of dozing cat.

Portals pierce the shroud we weave between us
and the heart of God;
holy, throbbing chambers,
rhythmic, persistent pounding
eternally pursuing our fearful, sinful selves.

Catch these glimpses early
before they sit on Santa’s lap
with lists of rings and blings and things;

before the viral images
of war in streets across the globe
and automatic weapons at the movies, in the schools

and fear of being less-than veils the vision
of the Great Beyond:

Where Love is King and Mercy Queen
and Maker never gives up
Hope and Faith in us . . .
One Glimpse at a Time.

© g.m.b.pickeral                 Guest poet… Gretchen Pickeral


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