sonorous voices – April 22


sonorous voices

almost too perfect

as if funereal was

a verb.


as in, to funeralize,

to speak smoothly,

beautifully, hopefully

with just the right

sob in the throat

and cheer-cheeked

peek into the sky.


i hope to not

cynicize just because

it does not fit my

emotive style.


tonight a pitch came

for animal hospice,

funereal for fido, with

unctuous phraseology

for which immigrants

drowning on over-

crowded boats of refuge

must think we’ve lost

our minds or way or

sensibility with our

first world problems

of sorrow while they

struggle for even a

crust of notice.


sonorous voices

almost too perfect,

as if funereal was

a verb.


but perhaps

I need

to lighten up.


we all deal with mortality

and God is smiling at us.


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