tough texas tessies – October 7


what ladies were these

who rode out from

austin to confront

texas rangers on

on the pampas

that day


mommas, daughters

tough shooting


knowing their

wanderers wouldn’t

get away


what did they tell ‘em

or yell ‘em or sell ‘em

to get back them

documents back then

that day


no one’s a tellin’

if wouldn’t be

selling, the ladies

own lips are sealed

‘bout their way


but the archives they

came back, and the

women they steeled

track, and texas’

own writin’s came back

that same day.


[In early days of Texas, Sam Houston as the first president of the new republic reportedly requested the then town of Austin to send him the archives documents about Texas but they refused, so he sent Texas Rangers to take them at gunpoint, which they did. However, the ladies of Austin were so upset, that they pursued the rangers, found them encamped, and got the archives back. How? Well.. that’s the untold story.]


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