Hoppy come home – January 28


Hop-Along-Cassidy smiled

his hard smile, eyes

like diamonds,

so deadly and cool.


Hold it or else, were

the words left unspoken

no need to utter

the message was clear.


Where has it gone now

that either-or clearness

the warning of danger

that held us from harm


Bad guys stepped back

the good folks encouraged

knowing that Hoppy

would not fool around.


I miss that hard goodness

the laugh and the calm

that looked out at danger

and stood up alone.


Hoppy come home now

we miss your clear vision

our range’s gone missing

our horses turned lame.


a note: the cowboy images this week (and perhaps next) come out of a six week class that I’m leading on The Story of The Silver Screen Cowboys. Great times…. fond remembrances. LWF

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