promised – November 23


blue denim shirt and

jeans, navy guy

school janitor

thin, curley haired

hoped for hero


that I reached out

to when the big kids

threw my treasured

blue plastic automatic

pistol up onto the school

roof over my kinder

garten class


and I went to him and

asked him to get it

down. and he said that

he would, if I was a good

boy and helped him with

the summer yard work


and so every day I

showed up in my

best little boy first

grade shorts and jersey

shirt to pick up

stuff and rake as

best I could and

help with the grass


and then I came for

my beloved blue

plastic gun and

he told me that oh

he had cleaned

everything off the

roof and thrown it

down to the kids



and I said how could

you. you promised

and I did everything

you asked me to

and… you promised


and we never

talked again. and

I didn’t understand

but he always looked

away after when I

came by.


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