a room that hints – July 3


Jesus you are a mystery

to me, entering and

exiting through magic

walls while I watch

from a room that hints

without revealing.


Stop and talk with me

Jesus, that I might

see your face directly

and unafraid.


excuse me Lord

I did not understand.

for now, through a

glass darkly

will be just fine.


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3 Responses to a room that hints – July 3

  1. mitchteemley says:

    Indeed, it’ll have to do. But, oh, to see him face to face!

    • landl30 says:

      Hi Mitch,
      This came out of a couple of days reflection… the first about that yearning to see him face to face.. and then an overnight reflection about Paul’s — “now we see him through a glass darkly, but then we shall see him face to face”… and I thought: Hmm… I’m actually not wanting to go on quite yet to where we meet face to face… that sometimes maybe need to be careful what we pray for.
      There’s a great story about Boston’s Richard ‘Cardinal’ Cushing, who had risen swiftly as a golden boy prince of the church… and in his Lenten discipline one year prayed that the Lord would send him a little cross… like Paul’s wound. The story goes that he never talked about what happened, but that he said later that he was much more careful about what he prayed for after that….

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