I’ll give you a reason to cry… September 18


I live in such a nice place, no

blown in walls, no blood

on the floor where the soldiers

came to beat my family raw.


I can walk around the block,

down a trail, even at growing

dusk, and not fear animals of

four or two foot vengeance.


Flame marked buildings do

not dot my neighborhood

and if I speak my faith no

one will come to bomb me.


Which is why I do not under

stand why we fight over a

few more dollars to pay for

all this, or to help.


Original sin, something wrong

inside, is all I can think, that

pushes-pulls us to find a reason

to be unhappy.


I’ll give you a reason to cry, my

dad used to say before swatting

me. It’s Ok dad. I had reasons in

side me already. We all seem to.



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