red clover signals – September 19


Red clover mites are swarming the

back deck and walls. Out front bees

of all sorts clamber over the flailing

jade plants, and birds of almost

any feather empty the premium

cardinal blend from the four

perched tube.


Getting ready for fall, says the wiser

voice in my house. Not vermin, but

simple getting-ready folks that a

mommy home creator recognizes

easily as fellow nurturers. Put those

acorns away for the winter run, crack

those black walnuts for meal.


I get so comfortable in my ac’d house

that I miss the signals nature puts all

around me. Fall beauty saying time to

get ready, spare times a’coming so

fire up the food, shelter, clothing,

friend warmth.


I wonder what other signals I’m missing.

Time to look up.


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